Courts take any crime committed very seriously and the prosecution will pull out all the stops to convict you of that crime. The need for a seasoned criminal defense attorney is essential in ensuring that your rights and your liberty are protected.


Some people do not believe that a DUI is a serious crime. However, you should always hire a skilled and experienced Las Vegas DUI attorney to fight for you in court, otherwise the consequences can be severe.


If you applied for VA compensation and were denied or were awarded less than what is fair, you have the right to appeal that decision. We are dedicated to getting our clients what they deserve.


Trying to get workers compensation is often stressful, confusing and time consuming.  An attorney experienced in workers compensation claims can take the stress off your shoulders and push your claim through the maze.


Erik Zentz has been a solo practitioner in the fields of DUI, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury for over ten years. Upon his father’s retirement as a prosecutor for the City of Henderson for the past 20 years, they decided to partner and create the firm of Zentz & Zentz.

Zentz & Zentz will still continue to clients in the fields of DUI, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury, but will now also represent military veterans with Veteran’s benefits claims, as well as represent clients in need of Social Security Disability claims and Worker’s Compensation claims.

“After getting my-self in some hot water with the police, I was scared and confused on what my best options were. After meeting with Erik Zentz my mind was put at ease. He spoke to me about my case and what my consequences could be, and then told me what he thought our best course of action would be. He was very professional throughout the whole process and took care of everything just like he said he would. In the end, he turned what could have been a very lengthy stay at a place I didn’t wish to be, into a minimal fine with no jail time. Without question I will use Erik Zentz for any and all legal problems I may encounter in the future.”

A Very Happy Client