Criminal Defense

In Las Vegas, the courts take any crime committed very seriously and the prosecution will pull out all the stops to convict you of that crime. The need for a seasoned criminal defense attorney is essential in ensuring that your rights and your liberty are protected. 

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DUI Defense

Some people do not believe that a DUI is a serious crime. However, you should always hire a skilled and experienced Las Vegas DUI attorney to fight for you in court, otherwise the consequences can be severe. 


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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence occurs when a person uses force or violence upon someone they are either related to, are or have been in a romantic relationship with, have a child with, or live with.


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Drug Crimes

In Las Vegas, Nevada, the courts take drug offenses seriously. Felony drug charges can lead to a lot of prison time. Also, any drug charge that remains on your record could inhibit your ability to find employment.


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Policing for Profit & Protecting Yourself

Policing for Profit & Protecting Yourself

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In Humboldt County, Nevada, one Sheriff’s Deputy has been accused of seizing over $60,000 in money from two separate motorists, and not charging them with a crime or giving them a ticket. That just doesn’t...
Erik Zentz ESQ


As a prosecutor and as a defense attorney I have had the opportunity to take thousands of cases to trial, winning often.  I love going to trial and being in court, that’s why I have ultimately chosen to be a criminal defense attorney.