EDC & Drugs? Tips To Protect Yourself If You’re Approached By The Police

edc-las-vegas-2014EDC is coming soon, and now’s the time to get prepared for what to do if the police decide you look suspicious and stop you. Some of you unlucky people will profiled to have drugs on you or in your bags. Just remember, USE YOUR RIGHTS AND PROTECT YOUR DEFENSE!

1) Don’t Draw Attention To Yourself!

There will probably be some undercover cops roaming around, so don’t make it obvious when you decide to do some drugs to make the festival more fun. No need to draw attention to yourself. If you keep it low key you may not have to worry about the rest of these tips, but just in case…

2) Remember To Say These Phrases And Be Respectful

If a cop approaches you and he asks to see your ID or asks any question, the first question you should ask, in a RESPECTFUL manner, is “Am I being detained?” After which ask, “Why? What am I being stopped for? Am I free to go, or am I under arrest?”

By asking these questions you establish whether you are being arrested and turn any detention/ticket/arrest into a scenario in which the officer has to justify stopping you. It will be determined later whether the officer had valid reason to stop you, which might make it easier to defend your case. If the officer decides he has interest in you remember this…

3) Do Not Consent to a Search

Most often police will try to snare you in conversation which leads to you allowing a search and they find drugs, etc., on you. Don’t let that happen! Use your 4th Amendment Right Against Unlawful Searches!

Instead of allowing a search, you MUST RESPECTFULLY tell the officer, “I’m not giving you consent to search me or my property.” If the police ask what do you have to hide, or state that the denial makes you seem suspicious, again respectfully say, “I’m sorry I’m not giving you consent to search (me, my backpack, etc.)”

If the officer has probable cause he may still be able to search you, but because you say these things the officer will have to state what his reasons are for being able to search you.

By making these statements, along with the earlier statements you have ruined the ability of the officer to try to paint the interaction as consensual. If you make these statements you are setting up your defense, and even though the police may still search you, and find something, they will have to justify that search to a judge later, and this flows right into the next tip…

4) Record It

The best way to ensure that you were using your rights, and to combat the small percentage of police that would make up or skew the interaction is to record it. Make sure your friends record any interaction with the police, or you if your friend is the one the cop is speaking with.

If the cop tries to stop the recording simply say, “I am not interfering with this nor of you arresting my friend, but I am going to continue documenting this situation.” Aside from saying this, and the statements before remember to…

5) Remain Silent!

The police can use anything you say against you as evidence and they don’t have to read your Miranda Rights to you immediately when coming in contact with you. So, the best thing for you and your defense is to shut up from the start. Only respectfully say, “I’m exercising my right to remain silent. I’d like a lawyer. I don’t consent to a search of myself or my belongings.”

Often people think they can talk their way out of trouble, but there is almost no situation where talking to the police makes things better. Stay silent to their questions and answer with only these statements in a respectful manner.

Despite doing all of this you may still be arrested, but you will have protected and preserved your defense by using your rights. At which point you need to use your right to an attorney and call the Law Offices of Erik Zentz for the BEST defense.

So, remember your rights, and remember to be respectful. If you are still ticketed or arrested remember to call the Law Offices of Erik Zentz.

Now have fun!