Personal Injury

Your injury happened due to a unique set of circumstances and no two accidents are alike. If you were injured due to another persons negligence, you may be entitled to compensation and payment of your medical bills. We feel that this means your case deserves our undivided attention.  We treat every Personal Injury case as if it is the only one we have.  

We handle all kinds of Personal Injury cases including:

-Auto Accidents

-Boat Accidents

-Dog Bites

-Motorcycle Accidents

-Premises Liability

-Slip and Fall

What You Should Do If You Are In An Auto Accident?

You have just been involved in an accident on the busy streets of Las Vegas due to someone else.  What should you do?

-Call 911 for injuries and assistance

-Exchange insurance information with the other driver(s)

-Photograph or video all damage to your vehicle and/or any noticeable injuries

-Go to the emergency room or doctor if you feel any pain or discomfort

-File a claim with the other driver(s)auto insurance

-Call our office for help.