On the Job Accidents Happen.

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Worker’s Compensation

Being hurt on the job is painful in more ways than one.  Trying to get workers compensation is often stressful, confusing and time consuming.  A trained and experienced attorney can take the stress off your shoulders and push your claim through the maze.  Zentz & Zentz are trained and experienced attorneys. Give them the opportunity to take on the burdens for you.


“Erik was awesome! When I got my second DUI I didn’t know where to turn. My first DUI experience was terrible and the lawyer was awful so I didn’t want to go back to him. One of my friends had used Erik for a different criminal matter the year before and got great results so I went in to talk with him. He was great and seemed to really know his stuff so I hired him on the spot. Best decision I’ve ever made. Even though it was my second DUI I only got convicted of a first DUI. So happy! I’ll tell anyone to hire Erik from now on.”


“Erik is a fantastic lawyer. He communicated with me very well, even when I probably went a little overboard with phone calls to his office. He spent a good deal of time with me during my initial consultation for DUI and made me feel at ease during a very stressful time! He took time with my case and ended up getting me a reckless driving. I am forever grateful. I would recommend him to anyone that has any type of criminal defense issue. A+ lawyer all the way.”


“Erik is an experienced DUI lawyer who quickly gets the issues in any case. He has taken many criminal cases to trial and is ready to defend his clients vigorously. He genuinely wants the best for his clients and gets them great results.”

Ryan A.